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The Lincoln Electric Ranger 250 GXT AC/DC Welder/AC Generator with Kohler Engine brings to mind the question, "Why settle for less, when you can get more?" The Ranger GXT has all of the Xtras you need for construction and maintenance work. This Ranger delivers XTra welding performance with 250 amps for AC or DC stick and wire welding. And, it is remote-ready for extended amperage control or AC TIG welding on aluminum with Lincoln’s optional TIG module. The GXT generates XTra power, up to 11,000 watts peak, for lights, grinders and high amperage equipment such as Lincolns Pro-Cut 55 plasma cutter. U.S.A.


Product Features:


  • Totally enclosed case, which ensures engine is fully protected
  • Use as an AC generator for high-capacity needs such as backup generator, powering welders as well as lights and other power tools
  • Low noise unit: 76.4 dBA sound level at 23ft. (7 m), 100.7 dB sound power (Lwa) at rated output
  • Painted roof, case sides and engine doors
  • AC/DC welding output for a broad range of stick electrode types

Lincoln Electric Ranger 250 GXT

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