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No more guess work using the new Auto-Set technology. It will automatically set itself with the correct parameters for you to start welding. The Millermatic 212 Auto-Set is Miller's mid-level 220 volt wire welder.

Infinite voltage control replaces "tap" settings. It's a big improvement as it now allows you to "dial in" precise weld voltage and wirefeed speed when using the Manual Mode.

It's compatible with the Spoolmat 200 spool gun. You can control the speed of the wire feed right from the gun. This saves you time by eliminating the need to go back to the machine to change the wire speed.

EZ-Change Low Cylinder Rack - No need to lift cylinders off the rack. With the low cylinder rack you can now just roll your cylinders on and off the rack. This increases worker safety and avoids potential workman's comp claims.

Fan-On-Demand Cooling System - The fan system only operates when needed, so it reduces power consumption, and reduces operating and maintenance costs. The Fan-On-Demand system will also reduce the amount of contaminants drawn into your machine.

The Millermatic 212 Auto-Set MIG welder also comes with a 15 foot MIG gun for better reach.

Millermatic 212 Auto-Set 220 Volt Wire Welder - 907405

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