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Strong Hand® Welding Clamp - 20 1/2 inch Heavy Duty Utility Clamp UM205

Strong Hand® 4-IN-1 Utility Clamps are the Only Sliding Arm Clamps in the industry with the removable/reversible clamp arm, and the threaded jaw hole for adding exclusive Strong Hand® accessories. The 4-IN-1 Clamp adapts to create a: Pipe Clamp, Spreader Clamp, and Step-Over Clamp with optional attachments. 1 Clamp...4 Applications.


  • OPTIONAL Extender block allows for access in step-over applications
  • Removable, reversible arm for spreading
  • Threaded hole on base for mounting both attachments, in either clamping direction

Strong Hand Welding Clamp - Heavy Duty UM205

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