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Miller® Digital Imperial™ ClearLight™ 2.0 Relic™ Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet 288725

The Miller® Imperial™ Digital Infinity™ auto darkening welding helmet features a huge 13.4 square inch viewing area and Miller's ClearLight™ 2.0 auto-darkening lens technology. ClearLight 2.0 provides a bright, crisp, clear view of the weld puddle, with more natural color hues in both the light and dark states.

The Digital Infinity lens has four arc sensors and operates in Weld, Cut, Grind and X-Mode™, which is ideal when welding with low amperage DC TIG, with obstructed views of the welding arc or while welding outdoors. The lens is rated for low amperage TIG welding down to 5 amps. Switching speed is a lightning fast 1/25,000 of a second. InfoTrack™ 2.0 Data tracks arc time and arc count for improving productivity and more accurately quoting projects.

The Miller® Imperial™ Digital Infinity™

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