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Victor 0781-1408 SR4F-580 Professional High Pressure Regulator designed for heavy duty applications & for larger cylinders and ideally suited for pressure vessel testing. Heavy duty, high pressure piston regulator. Ideally suited for pressure vessel and dead-end testing. Delivery pressures up to 4500 PSIG on some models. The design and construction features machined brass body and housing cap. The 2.5 inch gauges and piston type actuation are brass. The sintered inlet filter is bronze. There is a cartridge type seat assembly with PCTFE seat. For smooth adjustments, this regulator has Delrin cap bushings and there are external adjustable relief valves. There is a delivery range in PSIG of 50-750. The gauge range inlet is 4000 and outlet of 1000. The CGA inlet connection is 580 and the outlet connection is 1/4 inch swaglok. The maximum inlet pressure in PSIG is 3000 and the flow coefficient in Cv is 0.1147.

Victor 0781-1408

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