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  • Cooling Lubricant: machine coolant helps to enhance feed rates by improving the speed of tool. It also helps ensure an extended life of the cutting tool
  • Metal Cutting Lubricant: formulated with extreme pressure additives, this safe lubricant helps reduce friction and heat for longer tool life and better finish
  • Safety: this machinery lubricant does not contain chlorinated waxes or chlorine, guaranteeing hassle-free and safe cooling. Cutting lubricant is suitable for steel, stainless steel, tough alloys, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Industrial Lube: high-performance metal cutting lubricant stands up to pressure and heat to reduce tool wear, prevent tool breakage, increase production rates, and improve surface finish
  • Specifications: industrial lube is packaged in a solid stick of 300g.measuring 2-3/32 in. (L), 1-19/32 in. (W) and 7-51/64 in. (H)

Walter COOLCUT Metal Cutting Lubricant - 53B013

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